About Me

Stephanie is a southern belle currently living in NYC. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA, she spent four years in Fort Worth, TX, and graduated from Texas Christian University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She's performed professionally in both Louisiana and Texas, and most recently with the Atlantic Theater Company and St. Luke's Theatre in New York, NY. 

Stephanie got her start in the church choir and has not stopped singing since. At the age of 4 she was known to march up to strangers* and declare: "Pink is my signature color, what's yours?" 

*she's never met a stranger. She's as friendly as she is determined. 

When she's not performing, the closer she can be to a body of water, the happier she is. If she can't find a large body of water, a good book will do just fine. 

Likes include: Macaroni and Cheese,  a well placed monogram, and a good plot twist.


"As Cinderella, Stephanie Toups is a joy to watch and listen to, her voice a lovely complement to Sondheim's score"

-The Austin Chronicle

"Stephanie Toups stands out as she takes on both the teacher of the third grade and Sky and Penelope Square’s mom. She does so with a grace that sets her apart from the “kids” in the show and handles the challenge of playing two characters who because of the makeup/costuming (full blue with orange square body paint, hair, etc. for all of the Squares) look almost identical and gives differentiation.

-Mommy Poppins

"There are some standouts in the cast whose work is worthy of any show in Austin. Stephanie Toups as Cinderella... [among others]...all handle the material with a clear understanding of their characters." 

-Broadway World Austin

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